Monthly Archives: December 2015

BeConvertible: One Bag, Every Style you Could Wish For

BeConvertible, a new range of stylish, high-quality handbags, is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It seeks to provide women with a unique means of expressing their personal sense of style. The bags are assembled by hand and made of vegetable tanned Tuscan leather. They are designed with endurance in mind, and improve as they age. They come ...

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Quick Overview of Brazilian Waxing for Men

Yes, waxing s no longer the women’s stuff. Now, even the boys can enjoy the advantage of hair removal for a longer period of time. They can not only get a clean body, but can also opt for Brazilian waxing, which allows you to remove hair even from your their most intimate sections of their body. If you are a ...

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How to Stop Silver from Tarnishing


Silver jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces or even a silver charm bracelet, can look wonderful and stylish. However, if you are not careful then your silver baubles can tarnish and start to look dull and lacklustre. Silver jewellery tarnishes because of oxidative reactions with sulphur, such as Hydrogen Sulphide, in the air. The silver starts to corrode and this creates ...

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