5 Best RO Systems for Home Use in India

Water purifiers are the most important kitchen appliance that is having the great significance in leading the healthier life by providing contaminated-free water. This is the highly demanded system for removing the impurities and harmful germs from the water and makes it drinkable and pure.

Nowadays, these are available with numerous purification processes such as UV (ultraviolet), RO (reverse osmosis), Gravity purifier, UF (ultra-filtration), and combination of multiple mechanism. You can also choose the purifiers on the basis of its design such as under-the-counter, wall mounted, and commercial models as per your requirement.  

Get premium RO systems for home use at lowest price only on Aquafresh RO

Aquafresh RO, the prominent company is engaged in providing the top-class purification systems and hassle-free services to end users including industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. The company has full respect for all customers and meets all their requirements related to water purification since inception.  

  • Dolphin (Price: Rs. 5500)

This is the most recommended RO for home use because it has an excellent water storage tank of 8l and consists of 6 stage purification for the complete removal of impurities. The advantageous point is that it makes water healthy as well as tasty.

  • Aqua Pearl water purifier (Price: Rs. 8550)

Consisting of the sediment and activated carbon in cartridges, the branded Aqua Pearl water purifier is brilliant to be used for residential purpose and can be installed on the wall. It has amazing capacity to filter 15l water in an hour. It cut-off automatically when tank filled completely.

  • Aquafresh Epic (Price: Rs.7500)

Designed with the inclusion of double filtration technology with RO +UV and TDS modulator machine, Aquafresh Epic provides 100% pure healthier water. It is affordable to buy and provide long-lasting service.  

  • Aqua Novo (Price: Rs.7250)

water purifier is gaining customer’s attention with its 10 stage water purifying techniques. It removes the impurities along with maintaining the required minerals for good health of you and your family.

  • Aqua Pio (Price: Rs.8500)

Aqua Pio is an ideal purifier system as it performs 3 functions at the same time i.e. purify water, make it tasty, and also stop automatically with digitally controlled water level cut-off system avoiding the manual efforts.

Product’s shipping and warranty

Generally all the RO systems for home use are warranted against the difficulties or defects happening from broken parts, defective designs, and damaged equipment for certain duration. The customer enjoys the free shipping across the country with the fastest delivery by a professional specialist on the same day.