5 Storage Hacks for Boots

I’m sure that you know someone who has trouble managing their boot collection. You might even be that person. Boots are a bit trickier to store than shoes because they have a particular shape to them. Shoes – even hard ones like high heels – can generally be stored without all that much thought devoted to them. Most boots, on the other hand, have to be treated with a bit more care – not to mention that they’re larger than shoes and take up more space, so there’s more to deal with.


Here are 5 storage hacks that’ll help you take control of your footwear.

#1: Put them away clean

Use a dry paper towel or a bristled brush to wipe off your boots before you store them. Soiled boots degrade faster.

#2: Store them in a cool, dark, dry place

It’s not because boots can be damaged in the sun like priceless works of art – even if you might feel that way about them. It’s because the alternative can promote mold and bacterial growth. Keep things clean and dry, and your boots will stay looking great for the long term.

#3: Put boots you’re not wearing into permanent storage

If you’re not wearing it this season, put it away. You’ll save a lot more space that way.

#4: Don’t leave them piled up on the floor

Use a boot storage rack of some kind – or at least have a designated place on the floor or in a closet to keep them. Leaving them piled up can lead to the development of creases – and it just looks messy. There are plenty of standing and hanging boot racks on the market.

boots 1

#5: Sort them according to how often you wear them

Finally, you should make the boots that you wear regularly more accessible than the boots you only wear for special occasions or when the weather makes it appropriate. There’s no reason you should be stumbling over your winter boots in the middle of July.