An Overview of the Latest Crooks and Castle Collection

This week we have taken an in depth look at the Crooks and Castles collection from 5pointz, and are impressed with what we found. Here is our roundup.

Plenty of choice

In our opinion, it is an impressive collection. There is plenty of choice. Plenty of different styles and cuts, which means whatever your tastes, you are bound to find something that works for you in this year’s collection.

Very black and white

If we have a criticism, it is that the colour palette is not very exciting. This year virtually the whole collection is black or grey with a little white or beige appearing here or there. It seems to be what consumers want currently, because we have noticed that this simple colour palette has been used across several other fashion sectors. However, we were still a bit disappointed not to see a more varied choice of colours.

crooks and castles

A step back in time

The one word that accurately describes this year’s Crooks and Castle collection is retro. However, this year the designers have not focused on just one era. Instead, you can mix and match clothes from several different decades. This is great because it means that you have plenty of choice, and can easily create your own unique look.

For example, there are traditional baseball jackets that are cut the same as they were in the 40s and 50s, when they first became popular. If you want to you can pair them with retro 90s style snapbacks.

It does not sound like this combination would work, but in reality this year’s collection looks great. There is a huge choice of styles that all work surprisingly well when worn together.

The materials used are mostly natural cotton, so these clothes are warm while still letting the body breath. A combination that always goes down well with the streetwear crowd, especially the more active amongst them.