Availability of original maple syrup anywhere across the world now made easier with maple syrup direct

Original maple syrup or products made from original maple syrup are hardly available in the international market in the recent times. This is attributed towards a number of contributing factors. Maple syrup, as we know it, is the sap of maple tree. The procedure of extrication of this sweet sap is known as tapping. Maple syrups are highly in demand because of their taste and their highly healthy characteristics. They have been used to replace processed sugar. The unique and rich taste of maple syrup adds depth and variation to whichever food item it is used in. it is also employed as an ingredient for glazes and barbeque sauces for meat and poultry items.

But this original maple syrup is only available in the local markets and is very hard to get anywhere else. This is because of its limited area of production and its very short season of tapping. The maple season, that is the season in which the maple trees are tapped for the extraction of its sap, is very short. It starts with the advent of the colourful spring season, but lasts only for a couple of weeks. Also the area of production of maple syrup is a very small one. Only few Canadian provinces such as Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Prince Edward Island contribute for the main bulk of the production. The USA does only a minor contribution.


These are the main factors limiting the presence of original maple syrups in the international market. But, maple syrup direct is a company that has taken initiative to put an end to this crisis. At the online store of maple syrup direct, you get original maple syrup and also products made from the syrup such as candies and butter. The best part is that you can order these favourite items of yours from any part of the world and get them delivered at your doorstep in any location with absolutely no hassle.