BeConvertible: One Bag, Every Style you Could Wish For

BeConvertible, a new range of stylish, high-quality handbags, is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It seeks to provide women with a unique means of expressing their personal sense of style. The bags are assembled by hand and made of vegetable tanned Tuscan leather. They are designed with endurance in mind, and improve as they age. They come with a range of different handles, ranging from antique Mongolian lace to Indian saris and English wallpaper prints, and are fitted with a system of internal buttons that makes them easily customizable.

This exciting new range champions old-fashioned production methods, and each bag requires over 3 weeks of careful craftsmanship. This makes them the ultimate luxury. The leather is tanned by hand using a closely guarded technique that takes up to six hours and is handed down from generation to generation. The process is environmentally friendly, using natural tannins sourced from local trees.

In spite of the effort that goes into making these bags, they are also affordable, as they do not have a high-street shopping mark-up. They are affordable yet luxurious. BeConvertible is testament to the fact that high-quality fashion accessories can look great and provide a truly unique, adaptable aesthetic experience without costing the buyer an arm and a leg. Check them out at