Best Office Shoes

If you love fashion women shoes but work in an office, it does not matter how big your love to nice shoes is, here comfort plays the leading role, because uncomfortable shoes can make serious damages to your body. In fact, ask yourself, who told you that you HAVE to wear heels for work? In case you have it written in your contract, write a letter about it to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, because no one can force you to harm your own health. Many investigations held in this field prove that inflammation caused by wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes for women every single day for decades may even distract your body from the DNA repair and even lower the ability of the body’s cancer prevention.


Many people agree that if we did not live in urban jungles we would have been able to stay barefoot, but unfortunately we have to survive there. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how they can look professional and stay healthy at same time. A very important fact to remember about shoes for women: even if you have professional athletic shoes and they are very comfortable but stiff or heeled, they are NOT healthy.

Owing to the fast developing technologies, today we have many options for working women greater than puffy tennis sneakers (which is by the way the best shoes option for men). In general, experts say that, first of all, shoes for women should be comfortable and as “small” as possible to let your feet breath.

Here we have prepared you five shoe tips for both women and men:

1. When choosing shoes try to avoid super-narrow and pointy toe-box ones. If you have very tight shoes you become a risk group in acquiring bunions and neuromas, because, especially for male population, the bigger pressure is placed on toes in shoes for men when walking upright the worst situation the feet get into.

2. Foot tension and hammer can take place if wearing opened-back, slide-on footwear because it requires toe gripping. Looking for office shoes find a style with keep the shoe attached to the body so toes do not have to perform any work.

3. If you mention that the ankles wobble with your each step, you will require either to raise hip strength or to find a better-shaped heel. In any type of shoes for men or women wobbling around, the walking tends to conjure up images of the kids trying and wearing parents’ clothes and shoes.


4. This point is more connected to shoes for women. If you got used to wear high heels, drop a couple of inches off and you will significantly improve your feet state as well as knees and back. Moreover, this fact depends on your height, but, in fact, a heel which is less than two inches is always good. The perfect height is wearing no heels at all. Placing feet at any angle makes some damage (this also refers to shoes for men).

5. And the last advice: invest some money in a pair of handmade Italian quality flats. Find a pair of boots, or even nice-looking sandals – this is a zero-risk enterprise!