Can I have hair extensions that are a different colour to my base hair?

 The colour of the extensions that you are going to purchase is always an important thing when considering what type of extensions that you are going to get. Having hair extensions implemented is in an effort to re-invent yourself and give yourself a whole new look, and so it is only natural that a lot of clients who pick up extensions want to have them a certain colour, whether it is corresponding with the base hair, a colour that compliments it or something else entirely to make your hair look wacky and interesting. In any case the colour is something that is very important and yet undervalued by those that get extensions until the last minute.

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This is why at certain salons such as there are actually consultation sessions in which your stylist will be able to sit down and have a chat with you and advise you on the colours that can compliment your look well and give you great looking extensions. This of course is only a novelty at this point, as the advice you get can be taken one way or the other, and advice on what colours not to go for will not always be adhered to.

For instance, some clients are massively spontaneous and like to do things that are very new and interesting and will make all the effort to be as extrovert as possible in their appearance. This in terms of hair extensions may mean that they go for really whacky colours that are not really conventional, which can often lead to hair looking strange and sometimes somewhat unappealing. Consultation sessions are there to give you advice and not to tell you what to do, and whilst consultants may suggest that having purple extensions on blonde hair is a bad idea you are very free and more than welcome to disagree and go ahead with it anyway, and will merely be informed of the colours that will blend better (usually a couple of shades either way of the same colour of hair).


Once you have chosen an appropriate colour or something that you think will look good, those giving you your consultation session will usually have a few colours of extension on standby so that you can blend them into your base hair as a test without actually attaching them. This allows you to see a bit more clearly what the kind of contrast will be between your base hair and the extension, and this in turn allows you to make a much more informed decision as to whether or not you are going to go with that particular colour of extension. Once again it is entirely up to you as a customer, but your stylist will often suggest and bring forward a few colours that will blend and look better to them just so that you get an idea of what that looks like before jumping in and going for a very elaborate or contrasting colour without much thought on the matter.