Chemise and Camisole – all that you need to know


As a woman there are several pieces of lingerie that you need. Some are for him to see and some are sexy yet meant for your own comfort. Find out more about chemise and camisoles here.

There are few pieces of lingerie that are vital in every women wardrobe, they are chemise or camisole. So why Chemises are very essential? They add details like peeking of lace that is below your t-shirt. This is done, without adding extra bulk. Consider wearing a silk camisole with suit and jacket for a business event, it gives you a feminine look and keep the clothes from looking vulgar if the cut of the top is low. Your camisole peeking out takes care of any potential embarrassment that you may otherwise be subjected to and although it is protecting your assets, it looks fabulous! Chemise and Camisoles both are perfect sexy gifts for Valentine’s Day.

When you are out for shopping a camisole, you can consider buying silk. It is not only light in weight but very sexy and breathable. You can wear it for all occasions from office when paired with suits or at parties when matched with jeans.

Some women like it simple. They can go for cotton fabric camisoles. They give better layers effect because of their inbuilt bra and stretchable material gives the perfect fitting. With the rise in awareness and requirements by women, it evident how important fabric is when designing a camisole. Right fabric is in fact everything. Some camisoles are of the loose fit. While buying it as lingerie, you can go for either silk, lace or satin.


When you are out looking for sexy lingerie, you can match your favourite camisole with panties to get that oh-la-la look. Camisoles sets are on par with other sets of lingerie in the store. You can create any look from sweet and innocent to bold and hot with camisoles. It depends on you what message you want to set out. Men love lingerie that makes their women look hot. To get that hot look, you can buy a black lace camisole with a matching thong.

If you are not sure which type of chemise you should buy then here are some tips that will help. Be sure of your size, there is no harm in measuring again. The right size chemise will cover all the part and show your best assets without being uncomfortable. When you know that the chemise is looking good on you, you are sure to be happy with the purchase.

Different types chemise include

  • Classic chemise: these are made of velvet and does not reveal too much. it is perfect if you want a flirty look
  • Playful chemise: it is made of either satin or silk giving you a sensual look.
  • Chemise for every day: if you are looking for just another addition to your lingerie wardrobe then this is right for you. It protects clothes from sweat and oil.

Camisoles are found in both lingerie and clothing stores. You can choose from various styles, colours and designs that the chemise comes in. You should choose the one that matches your style regardless of what others consider as sexy. You can wear your chemise to the office, or as an undergarment or a night piece to bed. Camisoles and chemise are extremely versatile and to put them to maximum use is up to you!


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