Choosing The Right Toys For Your Kids Age

To kids, it really does not matter that much which toy you choose to buy for them, the chances are, you will be left with a happy kid. If you want, you can even purchase them some bigger high-quality toys like the safe ride on toys from Step2 Direct, they will surely be happy about it!

Toys are supposed to be than just playthings, and while they are meant to be fun and entertaining, you need to make sure that they are also age-appropriate and safe. Children’s ‘play’ is an important physical, mental, emotional and social development as they learn different and new things.

Keep it simple

One thing to keep in mind is that kids should use their imagination, so you should purchase toys that are not too much. Stuffed animals or dolls that require your kids to press some buttons are the ones who are directing the play, when it should be the other way around. When a toy is too specific, the kid is not able to use his imagination at all, which can cause the play to be boring.

Let their imagination run while keeping it simple

Set limits on electronic toys

This should already be fairly obvious, but you need to set some limitations when it comes to electronic games or video games. You should not forbid your kids to use the PC at all, but you should set some limitations.

A research has suggested that videos games and electronic toys do carry some risks for children’s health and development. These risks include weight gain from being inactive, hearing loss from louder toys, and delays in language development. Allowing your kids to play by watching things will promote a passive learning style, which can interfere with learning to think for themselves.

On top of that, electronics and video games are able to affect the child’s attention span. Since the videos games often have constant changes and movements with flashing lights, they do not really require your child to pay attention to anything for a longer time. Because of this, some kids have a difficult time focusing on stuff later in life.

According to a study of American Academy of Pediatrics, also known as the AAP, children who are younger than 2 years should not watch TV and they should also not use the PC; while the kids who are older than 2-years of age should have their screen time limited to about 12h/day.

Educational toys

There are many toys today that can be used to teach your kids different important things, but do not be fooled by some toys that just call themselves educational. Since the business of making such toys is blooming, they are trying to come up with a large number of such toys in a short period, which is why they are not all that educational anymore.

Educational toys can help your kids learn basic things

Few toys at a time

Some kids are just inundated with toys, and that is not how you should do it. Make sure that your children play with only a few toys at the time, since this can also affect their attention spam. If you have different toys with the same purpose, just let your kid pick one.

Final word

Besides the usual toys that we al know and love, there are also the bigger and high-quality toys that have become quite popular today. For example, you have the Step2 Direct sand and water tables for toddlers, that help them learn a lot of things while they play in groups.