Comfort in its entire splendor – The 883 Police articles that every man should have

883 Police have been characterized by having a casual style in their garments and accessories. This style is much more comfortable and easy to combine, as it is characterized by being scruffy. With a casual look you can be casual but elegant and nothing boring.

Comfort and elegance are characteristics that distinguish every gentleman today. Thinking about active men, who perform multiple activities and want to give a touch of style to their lives, we have drawn up a list of 883 Police articles that every gentleman should have.

  1. Lemmy Trucker denim Jacket

A jean jacket is very trendy and is in keeping with any occasion. This jean jacket can easily be adapted to cold climates and warm by its fabric, this makes it possible to use a thousand formal: with sacks, shirts, shirts, scarves, coats, etc.

The good thing is that 883 Police has this denim jacket in different colors, so you can choose the one you want. The great thing about this garment is that it works with any look. If your thing is sports it will work very well. You can wear it with shorts or jeans to create a more relaxed and comfortable attire. Its multi-functional pockets make it very useful when you store your things and you can find it in 883 Police for £ 60.00

Penn Denim Bag

This bag is practical, useful, elegant and indispensable. At least you need to have a pair on hand to accompany the daily outfits. The 883 Police denim bags are a classic style in the range of fashion accessories offers.

It is a medium-sized handbag and its shape is not necessarily symmetrical, have a hand grip, its main opening is the top and is a complement very suitable for daily use. Its ability allows you to carry more or less large objects and avoid loading several small bags. You can find it on 883 Police and its price is £ 35.00

Lazzaro Black Wallet

The leather is one of the fashion items that has been increasing in recent years and independent of the season, remains as the protagonist in either clothing or accessories.

Portfolios are not only a necessary evil but they have become the ideal complement to any outfit. A leather wallet like the one we bring you below is the ideal to give your look that touch of style you need. In the case of this, you can use it in black to adapt it to the complete look that you love so much.

This 883 Police wallet is of a practical size. It is made of a type of smooth leather tanned to chrome that cannot be covered with dyes or varnishes. The reason why leather is not affected by tick bites scratches with spikes or other things. It has different compartments to store both documents and cards of different sizes. You can find it on 883 Police and its price is £ 25.00