Custom-made Shoes for Your Health

Ill-fitting shoes are a major cause of foot pain. When shoes do not fit properly or do not follow the natural shape of the feet, they put undue pressure on the feet and make them vulnerable to injuries. And for people with health problems, such as bone deformities, foot sores, injuries from accidents, disorders caused by diabetes and neurological disorders (like cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease), there is need to wear specific footwear in order to walk safely and with minimal discomfort.

The Need for Custom Made Shoes


Custom made shoes are ideal for individuals with structural foot deformities and different mechanics deficiencies. Designed with foot conditions in mind, the shoes are better suited to accommodating bony and structural deformities of the feet and lower leg. Custom made orthopedic shoes are often prescribed for individuals with congenital foot deformities and other foot conditions caused by severe arthritis, diabetic complications (like Charcot feet) and polio, among other conditions. For example, in individuals with diabetes, wearing custom made shoes from Singapore reduces the incidence of foot sores as the shoes are designed to fit snugly around the sore feet. Moreover, physician-prescribed custom made orthopedic shoes can accommodate and correct foot abnormalities.

What are the benefits of custom made shoes from Singapore?

  1. Accommodating foot abnormalities because they fit snugly and softly on the feet.
  2. Correcting certain foot abnormalities and promoting quick recovery from foot injuries.
  3. Providing relief from painful foot injuries and problems.
  4. Maintaining the normal position of the bones and muscle structure of the foot, ankle and knees leading to the hips and lower back.
  5. Reducing muscle fatigue, especially in people who must walk or stand excessively at work.

Who can benefit from custom made shoes from Singapore? 

The mechanical properties of custom made shoes help to ensure the bones, ankles and knees are correctly positioned while the muscles are prevented from overstretching. As a result, the shoes prevent injury and injury aggravation, reduce muscle fatigue, and promote more efficient muscle performance. Likewise, the shoes increase endurance, strength and performance in those actively engaged in sports, especially those engaged in high-impact sports, those who have had previous leg or foot injuries, and those who experience joint pain when running, walking or standing.

Other individuals who can benefit from custom made shoes include:

  1. Foot pain sufferers: Over 75% of people experience foot pain of varying degrees (from painful to disabling) at some point in their lives. In many cases, custom made orthopedic shoes can be used to alleviate or correct the problems.
  2. Back pain and knee pain sufferers: Some individuals with chronic knee, lower back and hip pain usually have problems with feet function. The use of custom made shoes can restore proper feet mechanics and relieve the symptoms.
  3. Individuals with diabetes: Diabetes often causes nerve damage (neuropathy) in the feet, resulting in loss of sensation to cold, heat or pain. custom made shoes from Singapore can be used to alleviate strain on the feet and provide relief.
  4. People with arthritis: Individuals with arthritis can use custom made shoes to retain and enhance mobility.
  5. Athletes and runners: In order to enhance their physical performance, athletes can use custom made shoes to keep their feet efficiently aligned, allowing muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments to work efficiently, increasing efficiency, preventing injury and relieving pain.
  6. Individuals seeking for maximum comfort: Well-designed shoes can absorb and distribute shock and provide relief from stress and injury.

Before providers recommend custom made shoes for any health conditions, they should:

  1. Examine the patients and note down the medical history, injuries, symptoms and lifestyle of the patients.
  2. Carry out any essential tests to determine the necessary treatment and other options that will address the specific needs of the patients.
  3. Take moulds/casts of the patients’ feet. The technique involves foam box casting, contact digitizing, plaster of paris casting, and laser scanning.
  4. Evaluate and project how the patients would walk when wearing the shoes.
  5. Arrange for follow-up appointment within 2-6 weeks after patients have purchased the shoes.
  6. Educate patients on how to use the new shoes, the necessary lifestyle adjustments and any warning signs that the shoes are not working properly.

While custom made shoes from Singapore are a costly investment, they can greatly improve your quality of life by preventing foot injuries and alleviating any discomfort. However, you must never go for the shoes as a first line of defense against musculoskeletal ailments. Make sure you are examined by your physician before you can buy custom made shoes to use for improving your health.