Detailed Steps Involved In Making a Charming Pearl Necklace

The finest quality of natural pearls is used to make jewellery. An ideal one is smooth and perfectly round. Natural pearls are quite rare. Farmed or cultured ones are made from freshwater mussels and pearl oysters. Pearls are also used to adorn clothes, in medicines, cosmetics and paint formulations.

The quality of pearl depends on the oyster’s environment. Pearl farmers ought to keep a watch on the waste by-products that contaminate pearl’s habitat. The by-products can be waste from animals, humans or seagoing vessels. The more vigil they are, better is the quality of the pearl. They must protect the local ecosystem.

When farmers’ farm pearls, they don’t stop their process with just pearls. They farm the meat and shell thus efficiently utilising all that the Mother Nature offers. They are environmentally friendly too.

Pearl Necklace

Making of pearl necklace

  • The work invested in making a pearl necklace makes it look more beautiful. Its journey starts from sea and ends in a beautifully crafted string.
  • The pearls are first harvested.
  • Then they are judged according to their quality and size.
  • The difficult part is comparing and seeing which ones are suitable to be used in necklaces. There is no definition for ‘perfect’ pearl. Pieces, which are almost round, are selected.
  • As the selected pearls have to be strung, a hole is bored through it. It is important that the holes are perfectly symmetrical. If not, it will fail to lie properly in the string. Be careful during the process and avoid chipping of the pearl. This would result in damaged pearl and you won’t be able to use it in making jewellery.
  • The hole making process is followed by the stringing process. Silk thread is used because of its strength and beauty. Small knots are made in between each of the pearls. There are multiple reasons for inserting these knots. These knots are like a barrier for each of the pearls, thus preventing them from colliding with each other. Another benefit is that, in case one of the pearls breaks loose due to breaking of the string, you will not have a problem with the rest of the pearls. Knots offer extra flexibility too.

A clasp is inserted at the edge of the strand for closure. The more care and effort you put into making a pearl necklace, it ensures that it lasts for many years. Stunning and long lasting ones are available at