Freshwater Pearls

Essential Facts You Need To Know About Freshwater Pearls and Their Values

Before you plan to buy the Freshwater pearls, you should understand some of the basics about it. Generally, they are cultivated in mussels instead of oysters. Their most of the world’s supply are basically farmed in rivers, lakes, and ponds of China.

Growing freshwater pearls is considered as an easy task as compared to growing salt-water pearls. In addition, a single freshwater mussel has the ability to grow multiple pearls at one time, while the salt-water oysters normally produce a single pearl at a time.

Fresh water Pearls

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Some basic types of pearls

The first type is termed as the Natural pearl. It was first discovered in Middle East and the areas surrounding it. This type of pearl is extensively famous for its value and beauty since Biblical times.

Natural pearls are produced by a small parasite that later makes its way in the shell. After that, the formation of nacre is followed. These types of pearls are basically small. They are very rare and can be an expensive option to buy.

Now, the second type is the Cultured pearl. This type of pearl is usually made up of shell. They are generally round and are expensive. Mostly all pearls have Nacre. However, this type of pearl possesses the minimum Nacre among all the three types.

Fresh water Pearls

They can look unique and distinct from the other categories depending upon the type of the mollusc. They are basically classified on the basis of the region in which they are farmed.

Finally, here comes the Freshwater Pearls that are generally least expensive among all others. They are made up of 95% or more amount of Nacre. So, they can really last longer than other type of pearls. They don’t get worn out when they are brought up in contact with any kind of perfume or makeup like other pearls.

How to buy Freshwater pearls wisely?

There are several considerations that you should take while buying them. Firstly, when you decide to buy pearls, consider the total cost that includes handling and shipping charges too. In this way, you will be able to get a clear idea regarding the price of the pearl strand or of each pearl.

Moreover, always believe that the pearls you buy are dyed and bleached. There are some categories of Freshwater pearls, which resembles to other things like body parts, vegetables, logs, and many other. They are priced accordingly depending upon how beautiful or unique they are.

Overall, Freshwater pearls can be an affordable option. If you are newbie in buying pearls, then they can be the best option to suit all your requirements.