Fashion focus for the over forties

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? When you hit forty and above, you need to take a step back and look at yourself. Are you still sporting a haircut that was trendy in 1998? Do your outfits look dated?

If the answer is an uncomfortable, ‘Yes’, then do not worry. It is a common and easily made mistake made by many women as age creeps up on us. The fantastic news is, there are so many fixes to the over forty fashion crisis, you don’t need to fret about a thing. Simply read on and take note…

Around about the forty mark we are going through quite a lot of life changes. It may be that our kids are flying the nest, perhaps our marriages are ending or new relationships are beginning, our bodies are changing and our outlook is altering too. If we approach this time in our lives in a positive way, it’s a time of new beginnings and fresh perspectives. This makes it the perfect moment to re-focus our personal style around the changes taking place.

As we move into middle age, there are physiological shifts occurring. We may put on a few pounds here and there, our skin isn’t as blooming as it once was and our hair which used to be full of life, is becoming thinner and brittle.

Sounds a bit grim, doesn’t it? Well it needn’t do – all we must do is embrace the journey we are on and adapt to changing circumstances. Choose clothes that flatter our new figure, make-up that enhances our mature complexion and hair styles that boost our crowning glory.

One mistake many older women make is holding on to the styles, colours and fashions that worked for them in their youth. Unfortunately, these can rarely carry through successfully. Be open minded about trying new silhouettes and colours you have never worn before. One of the quickest and easiest ways of injecting new energy into your look is by investing in a new handbag and shoes. Why not start off on your fashion re-focus by picking out a bag and pair of shoes that really put a smile on your face? Go for something classic but fashionable that marks you out as someone who still has their finger on the fashion pulse.


Clothes to embrace


Select clothes because you like them and also on the basis of what they can do for you. The best method of clothes shopping when you aren’t 100 per cent sure about what you are looking for, is to browse online ladies fashion retailers. In your own time you can steadily work through the vast choice that online ladies fashion retailers have in stock, and gradually fill up your virtual basket. Here are some ideas for garments you could look out for that offer the over forty female a little extra help.

Hide wrinkles and crêpey skin at the neck with high collared blouses, turtle necks and artfully knotted scarves. Turned up collars focus attention on the face and detract from the neck area.

If you have put on a few pounds around the waist, add short jackets, belts or other garments that give you shape. The classic wrap dress looks fantastic on all women of any age, but it is particularly wonderful for those who need their silhouette streamlining. Easy to wear and the perfect fashion confidence boost, invest in wrap dresses in a variety of prints and shades for all occasions.

Clothes to avoid


Avoid anything too trendy or obviously fashionable as it may end up looking a bit off key. Don’t wear something unflattering, simply because it is fashionable. Avoid shapeless, baggy clothes that are ill defined. This includes garments such as baggy jumpers, sweat pants and unstructured jackets and coats. You rocked a mini skirt in your twenties, but can you still get away with it? If you have any doubts, err on the side of caution. And if you do don a mini, dress it down with opaques and flats, rather than up with fake tan and bling.

Finally two extra tips that are super-subtle but really work some magic.

Number one: Get measured and fitted for a bra so that your figure is streamlined and supported beneath all garments. The difference this makes to your appearance is quite extraordinary – friends will notice something is different and much improved, but they won’t be able to identify exactly what it is.

Number two: Invest in great shoes that are fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Our shoes says a lot about who we are, so make sure yours are expressing loud and clear that you may be over forty, but you can still be fashion-focused…