Five Safe Driving Tips for your Teen

When your child learns to drive it can be a very stressful time. One of the best gifts you can share with them before you hand over the keys is some safe driving tips. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to assume they themselves are safe drivers. However it is not uncommon that after years of driving we become less concerned with the rules and more concerned on getting where we want as fast as possible. Here are some safe driving tips that will remind both you and your teen about the important of remaining in control while on the road.

  1. Focus: Focus is a serious issue for many teens (and adults) who will be tempted by things such as loud music, the urge to check text messages and even talking. Teaching your child the importance of avoiding distractions will help keep them safe. Advise them to turn off their phone while driving and to keep the music down or off as well. They should also not eat or drink while driving so their entire focus remains on the signs, traffic and where they are going. The less distractions in the car, the safer driver they will become.
  2. Alertness: Much like focus, remaining alert to potential dangers will help avoid dangerous situations. Learning to avoid driving when tired as well as the obvious dangers of driving when under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very important. Remind your teen that even medications can cause drowsiness and that they should not be driving if they have taken medicine that will make them feel tired. Also be up front with them and let them know if they are drinking or taking drugs to call you for help before taking the chance of killing themselves or others when they get behind the wheel.
  3. Bad Drivers: Teens often assume we are worried they will be poor drivers when in fact as parents we are far more worried about the other bad drivers on the road. Remind your child that there are far more bad drivers on the road then you care to imagine and therefore they must be on the watch for potential dangers such as someone attempting to make a dangerous pass that will probably lead to them swerving in front of them.
  4. Safe Distance: The best way to avoid an accident is to travel at a safe distance behind other cars. Tell your child they should always maintain a good two car lengths distance between cars and if someone seems to be travelling too close behind them they should switch lanes if legal and safe to do so. The worse the weather, the more space they should leave.
  5. Speed: Teens love fastest cars such as 2017 Lexus rx-350 and it is an obvious thing to discuss with them. Remind them of the danger as well as the effect it will have on them should they get caught. The consequences will help them stay focused on driving within the speed limit.

Helping them with these tips will keep them safer on the road.