Get Red Carpet Ready With These Comprehensive Jewelry Styling Tips

Whether it is the Oscar’s party, Hollywood red-carpet night or a charity event at an opera house, if the event is grand, you have to make a suitable style statement to stand out in the crowd. Fashion trends keep changing every season but jewelry trends are more lasting and often make a faster comeback for newer seasons. Here are a few exclusive tips to style your jewelry statement for a red-carpet event coming up this season.

Sophisticated yet eye catching

It is very important for red-carpet jewelry to have an elegance and sophistication. However, most of these pieces will be covered in high-end fashion and popular publications. Therefore, statement pieces are also the demand for the event. It is a great idea to mix and match precious and semi precious pieces to create the full look for your red-carpet style.2

The vintage appeal

Vintage jewelry has always been in fashion and will continue to be in trend forever. Having an heirloom collection is a great resort for styling last-minute red carpet invites. However, if you do not have an heirloom collection to fall back on does not mean you cannot rock a vintage style jewelry look for your events. Invest in good collection pieces that have the vintage look created specifically for them. You can also invest in rare gem studded jewelry pieces that can be your own start to an heirloom collection. Always pick the most elite of designers or brands for this kind of collection where you want high-end quality and a steady style through the years. Brands like David Birnbaum Rare 1 would be your best bet for the highest quality rare gems and precious stones collection within beautiful vintage designs.

Always check the proportion of the jewelry pieces

Never buy jewelry pieces without giving full attention to the cut and size of the pieces. Remember the proportion of the pieces should be flattering to the shame of your face and neck. You can also invest in a few larger pieces, which can be worn individually to create a bold style statement. However, too delicate pieces might fall flat for a red carpet styling. Enhance them with bold colored gems to create an impact.

Check the combination of the metal and the gems for the perfect effect

Finally, the setting of the jewelry should always compliment the gemstones studded within the piece. It is not enough to commission a bespoke jewelry piece around a rare gemstone. You need to choose the right metal setting, color and shape to create the most astounding combinations with the gemstones. You can also chose contemporary or futuristic designs to offset a rare stone within a traditional metal setting.