Guide To Starting Your Equestrian Attire Collection

Before you start your equestrian attire collection, you should be aware of safety standards that you need to practice on the riding range as well as choose essential pieces that match your personal fashion sense. There is no need for you to be drab with your equestrian attire collection. In fact, with a host of new brands in the market that specifically cater to equestrian fashion, you can be just as stylish and fashion conscious with your outfits as you are in your everyday life.

Headgear- this part of the attire is specifically important with a safety standpoint so do not skimp here for the sake of fashion. You should choose approved headgear for riding practices that are available with high –end brands. Riding helmets can be bought from brand such as Mark Todd. This assures you that the approved standards have been met with each product range offered in the brand’s categories.

toggi clothing

Riding breeches –  you can go on to high end equestrian apparel brands such as Toggi clothing  to find a wide range of options for riding breeches in a variety of materials. You can pick from fleece or leather jodhpurs. You can also choose a variety of colors and textures for your riding pants. It is often a good idea to choose light colored pants for winter riding and dark colored pants for summer riding. However, you can have your own preferences depending on your environment and fashion sense.

Footwear- always buy your riding footwear from a trusted brand to make sure that they have the quality and safety standards maintained. The riding boots should have a minimum of 1 to 1  ½ inch of heels to securely keep your feet in the stirrups. You can also choose different styles like the half boot, riding chaps or short boots. Pick from materials such as patent leather, regular leather, or synthetic depending on your preference and price range.