Hair extensions: are they worth it?

A question that has probably been pressing the minds of most men for the past few years as well as certain women who don’t use them is whether or not hair extensions are actually worth it. It is a question that it is hard to find the right answer to as you can end up getting pulled into a debate of logic vs. emotions, and to some this fight can only go one way. For instance, some people are generally more logical about these things and look at hair extensions being worth it/necessary in a literal sense, whereas others will be more interested in whether or not they are worth it on an emotional level. This is not something that everybody can understand, but to me hair extensions are always important, necessary and worth picking up.


For instance, hair extensions can be said to be absolutely worth it for those people that are potentially having problems with shorter hair or hair that is very thin and requires “beefing up” for personal satisfaction and morale. This hair is not just seen as a fashion statement for some of our clients at but as a confidence booster and just for them to feel like a regular person. It is easy enough to label somebody who uses extensions as a cry out for attention, which in some cases it is to look good but you have to remember that for some people they are essential just to feel normal and for a person to feel good about themselves rather than show it off to everyone else.

Another point that brings into question whether or not hair extensions are worth it is the cost that is involved with having them put in. For a high quality extensionist such as Inanch we give you great value for money, and for anybody that wants to have their extensions put in we are willing to help, both as a fashionable piece and as a general confidence booster, as we like nothing more than giving our customers the satisfaction that they deserve.

The final reason why I would suggest that hair extensions are absolutely worth it is because they will last for a long period of time if they are kept well. A lot of people will suggest that hair extensions are extremely expensive, but if you look at the situation in relative terms you can clearly see that the cost over time of extensions, especially professional extensions is probably about the same price as getting cheaper clip-on’s that may only last you for a couple of weeks at a time.

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Our very top extension type (micro-ring extensions) have been known to last for extended periods of time and even up to two years if you have regular check-ups and wear them at the appropriate times. Taking your extensions out when sleeping or carrying out certain sporting types is great, and if you have attached extensions it can be things as simple as conditioning them more often which make all the difference in these situations. If all of these things are adhered to well, hair extensions are unarguably worth getting.