How the perfect shoes should look like

With the onset of warm weather you can increasingly see a lot of girls on the streets, who wear shoes with high heels. Without a doubt, it is very beautiful, but is not always convenient. According to experts, long wearing shoes with high heels is fraught with many problems with the spine. High heel is the cause of some of the changes, as well as the displacement of the vertebrae and the back bends. As for the calcaneal tendon, when wearing high-heeled shoes it is not involved, and then over time you may simply get atrophies. About high heels the specialists say that you should not have heels, higher than five centimeters.

Thus, in this post we are talking about what should be a perfect shoe pair. The post was written with the help of information from shoe store web-site.


Now we need to say about the sharp-nosed shoes, which is the characteristic of a large number of different models of shoes. Frequent usage of shoes with pointed toe, both for men and women, in the future may provoke the development of cross flatfoot. Because of wearing such shoes you can get the unsightly appearance caused by bumps on the feet, which can then be removed only by surgery. Thus, the mandatory second moment of perfect CLARKS shoe is the lack of pointed toe.

However, do not go to extremes there are a lot of wonderful ECCO shoes online and, in general, you cannot always wear shoes which do not have heels. It is also harmful to health, since such footwear will be deprived of a spring function and, as a consequence, can cause to the flat feet. The ideal option would be CLARKS shoe, which have a minimum heel.

It is also necessary to completely abandon the tight laces which lead to poor circulation in the lower leg. To this issue should be given a lot of attention, as the tight laces can cause disorders of the venous circulation and appearance of varicose veins.

So, what is the ideal footwear? It is stable and comfortable shoes that have a heel no more than four centimeters and rounded toe (is allowed as a rectangular shape), which allows you to feel free all your toes. You can buy ECCO shoes online because it is very comfortable. Also welcomes the presence of arch support inside the shoe that can support the arch in tonus.

The male problem caused by uncomfortable shoes is the Achilles tendinitis. It appears as a result of wearing shoes with too tight laces. In addition, if a man wears closed-toe shoes in the summer and it is with socks made of synthetic fibers, it contributes to the development of fungal diseases of the feet.


Emily Owen, independent blogger and professional orthopedist explains how the right shoes look like on the example of ECCO and CLARKS shoes. Check out the article to know how to select the right pair for yourself.