How to Accessorize With Pearls for a Definite Fashion Statement

Pearls can be used as a style statement for any number of styles. Using them to accessorize ensembles gives a look that no other gem can match. Almost everyone loves the way pearls blend and enhance most styles, from formal to informal to funky. Accessories range from the unusual to jewelry that acts as accessories for any ensemble. Many can be found at PearlsOnly Canada.

Unusual Accessories

Many unusual accessories are made eye-catching by the addition of a pearl or pearls. Some of these unusual accessories include:

  • Shoulder Necklace

These are strands of pearls designed to drape across the back and shoulders, sometimes as collars.

  • Bags

They may be only adorned with pearls, or even can be made entirely of pearls with a sating lining for luxury.


  • Hair Ornaments

Hair ornaments may be just a pin with a single pearl, or may be elaborate productions of multiple strands of pearls that drape over most of the hair.

  • Shoe Accents

Like purses, these pearl accents may only be a few simple pearls or the entire shoe may be made of pearls with a soft lining.

  • Watch Trim

Watches, too, can be accented with a single pearl, or with watchbands made entirely of pearls, depending on the look desired.

  • Eyeglass Accents

Eyeglasses can be accented with a single pearl or two, or become a funky accent with rows of pearls around the frame.

Jewelry as Accessories

Pearl jewelry makes awesome fashion statements for many occasions. For more formal and understated accessories, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a single strand or pearl may be all the adornment desired. However, multiple strands of pearls and cascading earrings are appropriate for formal or eveningwear. A common use of pearls, though not jewelry, is to adorn a wedding dress and/or veil with small seed pearls.

Color as a Statement

With the advent of cultured pearls in the 1900’s, it became possible to find pearls of many different colors. This allows the individual to choose colors to either blend or accent the color of the ensemble. There is any number of colors, but some of the most common colors available include:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Royal blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple

Other colors may be found, meaning almost any desired color should be able to be found.