How to pick Women Travel Clothes

When it comes to traveling, most people get stuck at the packing phase of everything.

This is a very tedious and problematic issue, mostly for women because unfortunately, their entire wardrobe won’t fit inside the suitcase.

So having to pick the right clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and everything is the last thing you might enjoy doing.

Here are the best travel clothes that would be great to fit inside your suitcase.

travel cloth for man

Shirts: Go for lightweight fabrics, made of natural fibers that would keep the right body temperature.

Cotton T-shirts: If you are more of a casual traveler, you can’t go wrong with some simple cotton t-shirts that you can style in very many different ways.

Jeans: Go for skinny, ripped, boyfriend or classic high-waisted jeans. The important thing is to feel comfortable in them.

Extra TIP: Skinny jeans are not that great for long walks or hiking because they might hinder your blood circulation.

Lace dresses: Ideal for a sunny vacation no matter what your style is. You can wear them with big straw hats and flats or with simple high heels and a chic chignon hairstyle.

Hats: The best accessory to pack! First you can get away with a bad hair day in the most fashionable way, plus they will protect you from the intense heat and sunlight if you are going on an exotic trip.

Flats & sneakers: Even if you are a heel lover, try not to overdo yourself in the holidays. It’s not healthy to walk so much in heels, so go for chic wedges less than 5 cm if you don’t really like flats.

Jackets: Don’t forget about them even if you know the weather is going to be perfect. Grab at least one spring jacket that surely won’t take much space.

Bikinis: I know you won’t forget about them, but let’s see which you should pack.

Simple swimsuits so you can get a decent tan. One piece swimsuits or more intricate designs should be kept only if you don’t want to get a tan.

swim suits

You can get some beach covers or sheer dresses to put over the swimsuit when heading over to the bar.

Pack light and shop on your vacation!

I bet this is what you wanted to hear.