How to Re-use Old and Used Clothes without Spending Much

Buying and selling is an art – the art which needs to be practiced well. This journey from the art of purchasing the commodities you need to the art of using them and re-using them, needs patience and experience. Well, truly said, but not to so in the case of using the old clothes. Ever used your clothes other than adorning them on your sacred body?

Clothes like any other item on Earth can be reused or recycled for many reasons and in many ways. But why would you like to use old clothes when your cupboard has enough space in it to take care of them? Why to get rid of them when you can easily soothe your sparkling eyes in the hope of being able to wear those clothes one fine day?

Reasons to Use Old Clothes

  • To make space in the cupboard for the new clothes
  • To create space for the new energies which get blocked due to the clutter accumulated
  • To help poor and needy who can’t afford clothes at all in their whole life
  • To save some money for your next vacation
  • To bring out your creative side
  • To participate in the global urge of being environment friendly by recycling the products


The reasons are many; don’t look for more but just start using the old clothes.

Now that you know you can re-use the old clothes, let’s find the umpteen number of ways you can do it all by yourself. No need to call the tailor or the mechanic for this; just bring out your scissors, needles and threads, beads and other creative stuff lying in those drawers and boxes.

Ways to Use Old Clothes

  • Get hold of those clothes and cut them to different shapes and sizes. Now sew them all together as per the bed-size – there you go, a new bed sheet for your room!
  • Cut and sew the old t-shirt in the shape of a bag to carry for shopping groceries. Surprise people!
  • Make layers of the old sarongs and wear it like skirts at the beach.
  • Get hold of some bleach and bring out your old denims, go bleach them and stay creative with this method.
  • Find methods to make stuffed toys with old clothes for friends and families, become the wonder man/woman for a while in the house gatherings!
  • Cut the used cloth in the shape of a wooden cardboard. Stick it together, make a beautiful frame!

These were only few of the abundance of ideas to re-use your old clothes. Think out of the box, be creative, make your own ways, surprise yourself and the people around. All you need is the Kasutatud riided, some stationary, little time and patience along with the ideas lying idle in your brain to be used effectively.

Don’t wait too long to share it amongst friends and families; who knows your work can even go viral over internet in today’s world of globalization within minutes. Go creative!