Jackets: What’s In?

With winter just a month away, you have every reason to start browsing for clothes that are meant for layering. But listen, you surely don’t want to step out on a chilly morning, looking like a girl draped in a thick rug, right? We know that dressing up for winters can be really tricky. But don’t you worry, as we have fool proof of advice that will keep you fashionably guarded throughout the winter. And our million dollar suggestion is, to grab a jacket.

But from more than hundred styles of jackets available around the corner, picking up a right one, can be daunting. To make your life easier we are about to share some valuable information about latest trends in jackets for 2015.

What’s In?

2015 is a break-free fashion era. It’s about making new rules and to live on your own terms. We get to see a glimpse of this maverick attitude in latest jacket trends as well. The ones which top the chart are worth mentioning in here.

Floral Denim Jackets


Oh yeah, 2015 has come up with an outrageous concoction and that’s of the denim and floral print. And when the duo meets, it creates a fabulous looking garment that’s chic and cozy. Floral denim jackets have literally taken the world by storm. From cute to casual and from hip to stylish, floral denim jacket has a lot to offer. Denim jackets are no more monotonous, as they just got vibrant, bright and resplendent. It’s a perfect pick for your winter to summer transition.

Time to Crop:


Crop tops are so last season and we have come much ahead in time. What’s making news now are the crop jackets. Full sleeves crop jackets have become the new definition of classy layering. From faux leather to fur, these crop jackets can be easily found in almost every fabric of your choice. And that’s what makes this trend, highly versatile. Looks like they are here to stay for a long, long time.

Collar? Naaah..

Girls, you don’t need a collar to look elegant and classy, but you surely need oodles of confidence to carry these fashion forward collarless jackets. We vouch that a great cut and right fabric can lend you crispness that’s edgier than a notch collar jacket. So stay away from collared patterns and make a stunning 2015 statement in these collarless jackets.

That’s it for now. Grab these latest jackets to stay warm and fashionable this winter. Ciao.