Jewelry is a necessity than luxury

Jewelry is a small thing or accessories worn by a person for self decoration. It can be of anything that a person worn such as stylish necklace, ring, bracelet or anklet. Things that are put or attached to your clothes can also be called jewelry. Jewelries are can be made of different things, from metal and stones to plants and beads. The most common and widely recognized jewelries and person considered as very precious are metal combined wide rocks or stones. Gemstone makes the jewelry expensive. There is lots of gemstone used for jewelry such as amber, emerald, jade, jasper, ruby and sapphire are to name a few but the most commonly and widely recognized by everyone is the diamond. Diamond is considered very important especially when it is combined with gold to make the jewelry. Beads and shells are also used in making jewelry. It is commonly used in making bracelet and necklace. Jewelries are also known as a status symbol. People tend to collect as many as they can have. As many jewelry you have, the larger amount of people adore you.



Most people used jewelry. Man and woman used it, from adult to kids. Man commonly used the ring necklace and bracelet before but now most man also used it as earrings. For middle age man to teenager, having nice and expensive jewelry is cool. Women is different compared to man when it comes to jewelry, for women, jewelries are passion. Women think having a lot of those jewelries at the same time makes them better than other woman that is why women collect it most than man. It is also said that jewelries are a way to a woman heart. Jewelries also boost self confidence especially of women. Women also have different pairs for different occasion that they plan to go. Almost everyone wants to wear jewelry and that is why some people think that is a necessity than luxury.