Less trendy – more stylish

Are you absolutely sure that in order to have a fashion look, you must have the trendiest clothes of the season? You should think twice. You’re forgetting your wardrobe musthaves like the white shirt, that thing can give great satisfaction when creating your outfits with something else. You just have to know how to wear simple shirts in an original way. You will say something like how do you make a difference with a white shirt? Easy! With a help of xFashion you will find pants, cardigans and hundreds of fashion clothes to perfectly match it, you’ll see how great it can be!


First of all you should find a right white shirt. The easiest way is to find the category of  ladies blouses on sale. There you will find a shirt that will be perfect personally for you! Then you just have to find something like black pants or blue jeans.

There’s something incredibly stylish in the simplicity of a white shirt and blue jeans. It’s the easiness of the whole look, the effortlessness, the french chic, the casual style, even the versatility. One thing remains true: to this day the white shirt and blue jeans look remains a classic. Pure style locked in a timeless circle.

            While Lana del Rey is speaking about  men, I want to speak about us, women, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Even yesterday I have bought  the perfect white cotton shirt. Here’s a crazy thought: maybe I’m putting too much of these? I think that as simple and basic as a pair of  jeans and white shirt sound they’re not. A wrong size, color, design in both the white shirt as well as the jeans, can have disastrous effects.

For example too much accessorising, platform heels, fitted-tight shirts – ALL these might give a cheap rather than chic to all the look.


The answer is in the button down shirt. It has to be like menswear-inspired. Slightly oversized, but fitted and a perfect high quality.

The jeans can be skinny or not, BUT you should always avoid skinny jeans with tight shirt and heels. That looks cheap.

For a French style choose mom jeans, or boyfriend style, paired with a white well fitted but better one-size-bigger shirt, messy hair, or bun, or ponytail, a pair of sneakers, flat shoes.