My very own personal favorite when it comes to evening dresses is the material Chiffon. It is a beautiful and elegant material which exudes pure class and magnificence. It isn’t as royal as silk but has an upper-class beauty which even though is very subdued yet it has a refined sophistication on its own. Chiffon dresses are a fairly popular choice in terms of fabric selection by many women because of its light and free flow fabric and variety in colors and thickness.


 Chiffon fabric is extremely soft just like Silk, so it bears most of the same maintenance measures as that of Silk. It is also very delicate and in some cases in which the chiffon is very sheer, it is even more fragile than silk so yes it cannot be slugged. Following are a handful of more tips to maintain chiffon dresses.

Chiffon dresses are also adorned with heavy embellishmentsand embroideries which makes the dresses look very attractive yet it makes them very susceptible to clinging to the dress material itself. It is important not to hang chiffon dresses with full beading, sequins or rhinestones in the closet as they will cling to the material and forms cuts or pulling of threads of the dress itself or of the dresses it is hung with. One tip is to use a paper cover over the embellishments or use a cover when hanging the dress.

Another characteristic of Chiffon is that it gets deformed when hung for long periods especially if the dress is weighed down by embroideries or sequins. They are best kept in shelves under covers or hung with a shelf underneath for support of the dress.

One of the properties of Chiffon is that it changes its size when it gets wet. If you ever come across a situation in which a part of the dress becomes wet, then note to wash the entire dress with cold water and iron it to avoid it from shrinking.This is one of the biggest problems encountered whilst owning chiffon dresses. Also, it is important to note that after washing, allow the chiffon dress to hang dry and do not wring it.Chiffon dresses with sleeves should also be hung by cloth hangers to prevent deformation of sleeves. If there is no cloth hanger, just warp a little towel to both ends from the hangers.

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Again Chiffon also needs to be protected from Sunlight and harsh temperatures just like silk. Actually, many evening dresses are made of cotton or polyester as well that are available at; They share some same strategies for maintenance like hanging dry, hand washing, iron under cold and avoiding exposure to the sun etc. There are lots of other useful tips on maintenance that you should ask from your expert tailor as he can guide you best according to the dress you’ve ordered. You can also keep track of our blog for great reads on maintenance of dresses, suits and everyday dresses, exclusively for you!