Not All Female Celebrities In The World Appreciate Plastic Surgery

Kate Winslet – Kate Winslet is a well-known English actress and singer born in Reading, Berkshire on 5th October, 1975. Her most obvious characteristics of the actress is known as, by her own words, ballsy that is always pronounced at least once when the actress is asked about the most favorite trait of her character. However, none of her roles in movies or silver-screen functions could be stained with the plastic surgery rumors as she is a strong opponent of such procedures.

Her career speaking more of her personal preferences than modern-day demands:

The 39-year old actress is the daughter to a thespian family consisting of stage actor father Roger Winslet and the same type of professional mother Sally Anne Bridges. Having eclecticism in all phases of her career, Kate has had a portfolio that furthers her strong appearance from the greatest Shakespearean tragedy and classics to modern-day erotica and mysticism. Despite the noticeable diversity in her film appearances, she is not the woman to follow any surgery which, she thinks, could mar her natural beauty, the greatest phenomenon a woman can take pride in.


Anti-cosmetic surgery initiatives:

At the outset, she vowed that she would never have any such procedure because she takes it as an offensive action that could spoil her morals which are heavily influenced by her parents. She has a cause which led her to form a “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League” that receives supports from Kate’s pals Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson. The League is actually a practical vow between Kate and her pals.

Jada Pinkett:

Jada Koren Pinkett Smith, the wife of famous Will Smith, was born on 18th September, 1971. Jada is a woman with true skills which made her an actress, businesswoman and singer-songwriter. In 1990, her career began with her role as a guest actress on True Colors, a short-lived sitcom. A Different World, a creation of Bill Cosby, gave her a good full-fledged start as she starred in the Nutty Professor in which Eddie Murphy was featured. After reaching her 40s, Jada got a strange transformation that made many people claim she must have something different about her face.

The tale of a woman with prowess:

As the old TV days are gone by, Jada is now known mostly because of her happy conjugal relationship with Will Smith. Even many celebrity journalists insist that the woman can be praised for rendering supports for her kids Jaden Smith and Willow Smith who have also become Hollywood sensations. Neither her individual fame nor her great contributions to the Smith family could help her stay clean from the plastic surgery rumors. A woman like Jada who is now 43 years old should not smile with bending cheeks, which are probably the reasons why she got the cheek paddings.


Her remarks ruling out the possibility of overdoing the procedure:

It matters little whether Jada admits or not that she has undergone any such procedure. In spite of her cheek fillers’ failure, she still looks fresh with elastic, even and well-toned skin. Depending on her own remarks, she would not love to have one procedure again in her life.