If there’s a woman who’s made headlines the world over for her impeccable dressing sense, it’s Kate Middleton. Even before she became a part of the Royal Family, she seemed to have that cool style vibe engrained in her DNA. Whether it’s for her engagement, or stepping out with her son, or even leaving the hospital hours after the birth of her second child, this power woman always has her sophisticated, elegant looks intact.

Yes, we can’t have a better role model than Kate Middleton. If you’re at the helm of your company, Kate has the know-how on how to dress to impress. And if you’re just stepping out into the corporate world – remember, dress for the job you want, not for the one you have.


If you’ve ever noticed this regal lady, you would have seen that she is a die-hard fan of dresses. So, here are a few tips from Kate Middleton on how to pull off wearing a dress at work. And yes, she disagrees with the underlying belief that fashion has no place in the corporate environment. In fact, it’s a good a place as any to show off your personality.

  1. Customize your dress to your workplace – The kind of dress that can work at your friend’s media company may not work in yours. Understanding the dress style of your organization is key. Assess your environment and be honest with yourself. Once you’ve figured out the terrain in which you can play, invest in some key basics that become the foundation of your wardrobe. The field of work and a versatile wardrobe should go hand in hand. If you work in a young, dynamic company, a well fitted floral dress could work, whereas if you work at a bank, you would need to stick to above-the-knee-pencil dresses.
  2. Play with colour – It’s empowering and feminine, and a great way to tap into trends. As a woman, an advantage you have is that you can play with colours to your heart’s content. If you’re colour averse, experiment with shades other than black and navy. Shades like burgundy, fern, teal and violet are good for people who feel overwhelmed by bright colours.
  3. Update and Upgrade with Accessories – To inject life into office dresses, statement jewellery and stand out shoes are a must. One accent can upgrade your dress. Use your discretion and keep it to one thing at a time – a large cuff bracelet, a coloured belt or a printed scarf will add a powerful impression with your dress. Some dresses look great with no accessories – but with look gorgeous with ankle length boots or maybe a blazer hung over your shoulder.
  4. Stay Comfortable – What’s the point of squirming all day? A comfortable dress equals confidence and elegance. Ban uncomfortable dresses from your wardrobe – those that need you to tug and pull.

There you have it – the Do’s and Don’ts from the Duchess, that famous mom of two. We have a feeling she shops online, and that’s yet another trend you, dear reader, should follow!!