Popular Celebrity Hairstyles for Men


Celebrity hairstyles are always in trend and in demand of their fans who want to emulate them. These hairstyles are always updated so as to always keep the paparazzi gossiping and the limelight never fades away. Below are some amazing men celebrities with buzz haircuts.

Robert Patterson’s Royal mess

This style is perfect for guys who are into in to using too much of hair styling products and are in great demand by girls. Works great for all hair textures, you don’t have to compromise in to losing your locks too much and even grow a week long stubble. Definitely takes some going to make this hairstyle work but it does bring out the boyish charm, which works a treat!


Leonardo DiCaprio’s back brush

This is one of the latest hairstyles for men to emulate and at least year to look like their heroes. Looking sleek and suave is the main aim for this hairstyle. Works fine for both medium and thin hair, you need to cut the sides and the back shorter than the front end. The top layer is neatly cut and wax is applied uniformly with fingers to pull your hair up and back and then blow dried to keep it in place.


Zac Efron’s wispy spikes

With the sides and back cut short, looking cool and wispy is the main criteria of this hairstyle. The top length is left long and jagged to generate maximum texture for an edgy look and feel. Works great on thin and medium hair and also those who have a round face, this hairstyle will surely turn heads. A few regular trims and uniform application of moulding creams are needed to maintain it.


George Clooney’s short and straight

The naturally grey hair is cut short at the sides and is blended with the top part of the hair that is brushed back giving out a look which is best suited for a round face. Works on all kinds of hair, wax is required to apply uniformly using fingers for holding the hair in place and give out a shine. Regular trims are needed.


Matthew McConaughey keeps it short and wavy

The top end of the hair is jagged cut leaving enough to play around with, while the back and side ends are clipper cut. This style works great for people who have curly and thinning hair. A generous amount of gel-wax is taken and applied to the scalp in small chunks and blended uniformly in an up and forward motion. To achieve an even more wet look, apply more of gel-wax.


Johnny Depp’s dark brunette waves

This casual funky look has all to do with shape and texture all thanks to multiple jagged cuts all around. This actually makes it easier to style the hair with the use of wax or moulding paste. A perfect complement to a round face with medium hair, the style works a charm at anytime of the day.  To give this look a perfect ending, apply a little amount of hairspray from arm’s length to give it a shine.