Rocailles – Matubo’s Top Czech Beads

Rocailles are said to be the most used kind of glass seed beads. These were made in Venice, Italy in 15th century. Such beads have been industrially produced in Bohemia since the 18th century. Such round-shaped seed beads are manufactured with the use of an exceptional technology to cut glass tubes with square or round holes into different sized pieces that are polished and rounded when hot and classed by shape and size.

Rocailles are produced in different sizes from 1.5mm-8mm and the sizes of Czech seed beads are stated with the use of the traditional zero series. The typical size ranges from the smallest to the largest, while the rarities include 4 big sizes, which renowned colloquially as potatoes.Image result for Rocailles – Matubo’s Top Czech Beads

Czech rocailles are divided in coated and uncoated in accordance to the level of subsequent finish. Uncoated rocailles are left with pure glass finish, coated rocailles are provided with further surface finish, for instance, galvanizing, coloring or some kinds of decoration.

Cut rocailles are special kind of seed beads on which one to two small facets are cut with the use of a special cutting wheel. It makes rocaille sparkle and it obtains exceptional optical properties in combination with several surface finishes. The most famous seed beads comes with 13/0 size, which is referred to as Charlotte beads.

Czech seed beads are frequently compared with some known Japanese seed beads. You’ll also come across these in many places throughout the globe and in numerous contexts, in hobby articles, in costume jewelry, Christmas decorations, shoe and clothing embroidery, and fashion and home accessories. Sometimes, these are also serves as ethnic souvenirs.

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