The 6 Tips For Decorating Bedroom On A Tight Budget

The bedroom is your oasis of peace. That is why it needs to be decorated functionally and as a well organized whole. Read what you should have in mind next time when you go to shopping. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a wonderful bedroom.

Here are some ideas with which you can achieve great functionally without spending fortune.

  1. Refresh your old closet
    An old closet that has clothes pouring out of it doesn’t really strike us as relaxing. Place a mirror on the outside of the door and outline it with golden lines. On the side, you can place hooks on which you can put stuff that don’t have their place in the closet. With wallpaper of a floral design and a lightly shaded floor, your bedroom will look light and airy. If you want your bedroom to breathe elegance, place a comfortable white sofa next to the closet.
  2. Storage space and lighter shades
    The bedroom in the attic hides extra storage space. Under the bed you can place drawers in which you will store things that you don’t use often. Paint the walls in lighter shades so the space looks visually bigger. For a more relaxed look, place a light blue cover over the bed, and a white club table can be used as a special decorative element.
  3. Furniture arrangement
    Create a storage space by properly coordinating the furniture arrangement. Place a closet so that you maximally use the height of the room. Place a commode with the same design next to it, and use the colors to create a working whole. Hang a mirror about the commode. In that way, you will create a space for yourself – a place where you can store all the little things you need. Cover the bed with a white cover and flower design cushions to create a romantic ambiance. You need a little dim light, whether it comes from slightly closed blinds, or a light dimmer, and you have created a very romantic and sensual atmosphere in your bedroom.
  4. Decorate the door
    With a little effort and imagination, your bedroom can look completely different, without changing the furniture. On the back of the door place hooks where you can hang stuff. Paint the door in a color that will mirror the warmth of the bedroom.
  5. Shelves and chests
    Throw out the usual pieces of furniture out of your bedroom and create extra storage space. If you place shelves instead of the night table you will secure yourself more space next to the bed. On the other side of the bed, you can place chests where you can keep sheets and all the extra stuff from the closet.
  6. A new shoe cabinet
    Don’t hide your favorite shoes, display them like a work of art! For that, you can use an old shelf. Clean it and paint it white – it will fit perfectly into your oasis. Wallpapers with gentle colors will be a great background for your new shoe cabinet. Above it, you can place an empty retro frame and hang scarfs, belts, ties…