The Hottest Designer Bikini Styles of 2015

Frankie's Bikinis Marley Tie Dye Bikini

For many of us, 2015 is becoming the year of bikinis because there are so many great styles out there these years. One reason for this is that bikinis are becoming simpler this year than they have been in the past. Though having a matching colored bikini top and bottom is seen by some as boring, you can actually look very fashionable in one.

In 2015 we are increasingly embracing the idea of choosing mixed patterns to create our own unique designer bikini. The colors, styles and even textures of your top and bottom pieces can be different this summer without making you look like you’re not keeping up with current fashion trends. As long as you have even a single element that binds the top and the bottom of the bikini you are all set.

Frankies Bikini Koa

Even if you are self conscious about your belly you can still rock a bikini. All you have to do is wear a bikini with a high waist. This way a minimal amount of your belly is visible to others and you don’t have to hide your body under a one piece bathing suit.

In Hollywood mini micro bikinis are sweeping the woman’s fashion world. These bikinis are only for the most confident chics as they cover only enough of your body to prevent you from being indecent in public. If you aren’t quite that bold but you still want a trendy bikini for the summer consider a one shouldered bikini. Most of them have strategically placed cut away areas that let you show some skin, as this is the cutting edge of bikini fashions for 2015.

Designer Bikinis with ruffled tops are also trendy for this year’s pool season. Ruffled tops provide you with a great way to add volume to the top half of your body. Even ruffled bikini bottoms are in style for the summer because they help you strike just the right balance between your rear end and your bust. Backless bikinis are also in style for the summer, especially if your back is toned and you want people to see it.

 Frankie's Bikinis July Bikini Bottom

No matter which of these styles you choose for your summer activities you’ll find that you look and feel sexier than ever in a bikini. The trendy styles for summer of 2015 give you plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the season.