Perfect Colorful Hair

The Perfect Colorful Hair Trend For Brunettes In Winter: Oil Spill

The brunettes have long been envious of the blonde, fair-haired girls who can easily dye their hair in multi-colored shades while you are stuck with your blasé brown. Well, that is about to change as there is a new and innovative color technique by Aura Friedman which can be used to jazz up darker strands without any bleach.

Aura is an Israel-born famous hair stylist who works at the world-renowned Sally Hershberger salon and has worked with celebrities including Sophie Dahl, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Santigold and many other acclaimed models.

Perfect Colorful Hair

Aura’s trademark is to make bold hair color statements without creating an unnatural look.

The Oil Spill or Duck feather is a technique which combines purples and greens on top of the dark hair to get that lustrous inky effect. Oil Spill, as the name indicates, is related to the oil spill, which does not hold much of an appeal. But the fact is that when light actually catches the oil spill, you can see an exquisite rainbow-colored glaze, which is absolutely charming. Aura suggests the look for fall as it uses rich darker shades of rainbow.

“I’ve been trying to re-create gasoline or oil when it’s on the ground and it rains. I find that when you take a dark purple and dark green and layer them one on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling,” Aura said.

The best part of Oil Spill technique is that the method, unlike traditional dyeing techniques, does not use bleach in the process. This results in less damage to hair and roots. Aura prefers to begin with a black base, infusing darker tones, so that it can peek through rather than just hitting hair with color.

Perfect Colorful Hair

According to Miss Friedman, “It will also be great for people who naturally have dark hair and don’t want to go through a major bleaching process. You don’t have to lighten it so much to get it there, so your hair will be in better condition.”

Unlike pastels which tend to fade quickly, the deeper, darker shades of duck feather will definitely last longer. Hearing the word Oil usually conjures up images of what happens if you don’t wash your hairs for three days or longer. This new hair dye technique is a new take of the image and you can actually confirm that the look is fun and bold, certainly not greasy. In other sense, you can think of it as a cousin to the ‘Opel hair trend’, which is another amazing technique by Aura. The obvious difference is the use of darker shades in Oil slick.

To get an authentic ‘Oil Spill’ look, you should have a darker base, preferably black. But the method is equally suited to brown haired beauties.

There are a number of ways you can opt to give a perfect Oil Spill look to your mane. You can either decide to add rainbow streaks to your hair or you can liven up your braids with some exciting colors. Whether you go for purples or decide to pop your mane with blue and green hues, the choice is entirely yours. Whatever you choose, your Oil Slick is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

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