The player’s fault or the fault of the designer

Recently, because of the use of loopholes in the event the game will Ilum onto the “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” the focus of the stage, to be honest, I do not intend to speak for either side. History of the game designer’s idea can never go beyond the players use bad precedent for game design profit, even in the BioWare intends to make before the “Old Republic”, who had already started to use brushes in the design flaw of the game. On Ilum event more interesting in its own design and no significant defects, on the contrary, but the player did not follow the designer’s intent to the game. The game is in accordance with the designer’s idea to produce, but the players do not think so.


How can we blame the designers do? Like “Star Wars: The Old Republic” big game like this, we all know that as long as things will allow someone to do it. But occasionally, the players play the game is very utilitarian: they will look for the quickest and most simple way to upgrade or to upgrade equipment. Designers should understand this point. I remember in the “UO Genesis”, the player can use low-grade weapons to attack other players to upgrade their skill level. I think the designer intention is to players in a real battle to improve skills, but eventually turned into a mutual holding wooden stamp. I do not know whether the problem was finally corrected, but certainly not GM do this and to freeze any person.

Where is the bottom line?

Ilum this should be full of honor battlefield, the player control over the planet for resources and the battle commenced. Basically, this PVP area is almost constituted by the turret and machinery. All of these facilities simply click the object, and then wait 10 seconds after launching a rocket to destroy. Repair these turret also need to wait 10 seconds. After the destruction of facilities available to make awards bravery and mercenaries. This is Ilum the only way to be able to get rewards. Kill the player in addition to the other party can not obtain any benefit other than unhappy. Even rumored to have players because you want to be pvp in pvp regions and subjected to verbal attacks.

Planet resources are also a big problem. As long as players in the region, the mutual non-manufacturing any “trouble”, the planet’s resources are open to all, but also there is no level limit, completely random. Therefore it is not surprising to see the level of 14 (the lowest level possible to obtain spacecraft) is everywhere for their own trumpet or tuba collect resources.

Players quickly put this behavior identified as brush, but according to reports, in fact, everyone in the brush. One called Faction players produced some video showing his famous role as “acts of pickets” in the game against these players to exploit the vulnerability. Finally, he got the Darth Hater (an “Old Republic,” the theme of the site), but they made it clear that neither the opposition nor their employees to participate in such acts. Nevertheless, the problem is that the players on this behavior has generated unease.

What is an exploit?

To define exploit, in fact, we all know what kind of behavior is an exploit. “Star Wars Galaxy” has been a permanent stop taking, I want to use it, for example will be safe.

Props of any kind can be easily copied classified exploits. SWG’s designers did not intend to allow players to build houses by the process in a different server group to replicate the lightsaber crystal obtained pvp advantage. Such behavior is clearly beyond the scope of design, most people call it bug, I also think so.

Using a delay and graphics problematic behavior has also been identified as most people exploit. Due to extremely serious delay battleground pvp area, a lot of teams will use pre-targeting and through the wall of convenience. It is simply the leader of the team or the player can jump into the buildings stealth lock an enemy player, so the leaders of the other players in the team will be able to see the enemy before they locked live target. Because graphics issues, leaders ranks players also can shoot through walls or floors, walls and floors but also because of the problem, enemy players can not lock them, and this is the exploits of.

I do not think anyone would deny that to gain a tactical advantage belongs to exploit the vulnerability by modifying the game client. In the “Star Wars galaxy” the most famous is that it allows the player to see the stealth role. I really feel sympathy designers, because every time they release a patch that hackers can always find another way to re-discover vulnerabilities. In some cases, loopholes belong honest mistake. A visual change can allow players to enter a copy of the IG-88 can not see the normal route area. Players can stand outside the field of view of the monster, locks and destroyed them.


Ilum Why failure?

Honestly, I’m not sure Ilum question should be classified as an exploit. But on Ilum behavior code of conduct does not belong to the “old republic”. Although the guidelines have been removed, but once inside, wrote “the player can not carry out any act or means so that the account does not comply with the account to get character level or class of items, tasks, currency, character attributes, rank or status.” Basically this article Ilum provision is to prevent the occurrence of an event, not to say you can not low-level user tradable items. (In fact, in the “Old Republic” in the basic we can not do, because almost all of the items have level restrictions.)

But Bioware User Agreement is an excuse for bad design it? I do not think, in a way, Bioware was thinking. Those repeated use of design flaws to seek benefits of low-level role is merely temporary Feng Ting, as a warning, rather than the permanent nature of the punishment. In my opinion it also shows that Bioware admit part of the reason comes from the designer. On second thoughts, because “loophole” Time Ilum really become voices.

My bottom line is: Using a design flaw is not a bug is not a loophole, but before the use of the defect, the players need to consider what impact this will have other players. Most of them should not be reprimanded players who want to follow the rules of the game.

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