Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Top 5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Its official that e-Business is determined to stay for long, as each day millions join the bandwagon of shopping online. At any point of time in a day, from couch comfort of the house, browsing through some amazing products and overwhelming discounts, generates more shopaholics, even from laziest people around the globe. Festive seasons are more like bonus and the web is bombarded with so many discounts and offers that there is no person left tempted to visit these websites. Most of them are lucky to avail great discounts where some people succumb to fraudulent easily, especially during festivity.

According to annual Cyber Crime Reports, there is a decline in phishing attacks on internet over time; however, there has been a significant increase in malware sites where one’s personal data is compromised. A person’s identity can be stolen easily by digging through his personal data submitted online which can be used indifferently against him. Being resourceful and following some simple tips, online shopping can be very safe and secure.

  1. Prioritize security

Always get a licensed firewall and anti-virus software installed to the personal computer or smartphone used for shopping online to secure it from malware and virus. This should be the priority not only for online shopping but also before browsing internet. Always try to avoid online shopping from internet cafes, as there is no clear information about the software installed in those systems, which can gamble with your information.

  1. Look for https://

Online shopping should be done from familiar websites instead of clicking on pop-up windows, which lures with unbelievable discounts that are too good to be true. Ensure that the website address starts with “https://” instead of just “http://”. Also, look for a lock symbol that appears before the website address, ensuring that it is safe and secure to use. Another best option is to bookmark the shopping websites and click on them directly to browse instead of going through search engines.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

  1. Get shopping app

At times search engines can mislead people to land on fraudulent websites which seem similar to the original website but have different domain name (like .net, .com etc.). Such sites can trick people to make online payments for the products, which are never delivered to them. It is always advisable to go the app-way to be more secure. Most secure shopping sites have apps of their own that can be installed and used through smartphones without using any browser. This is considered to be the secure way to shop online.

  1. Look out for return policy

If anyone wants to buy any specific product out of the much familiar shopping sites then the foremost thing to look for is their return policy. Any reputed shopping website will always have a return policy, the details of which are easily accessible to its shoppers. Such information is better placed in ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)’ section. FAQ section should be read thoroughly before buying from new shopping websites.

  1. Read reviews

Not only reading reviews for the product one is looking for, but also reading the reviews of the shopping website sheds light on its reputation. It is better to look for specific reviews for the area of delivery to get more information about customer service provided in the locality.

From flight tickets to brunch or dinner, almost all consumer goods are listed online to shop. Social measures, like Riiete annetamine and food donations are also done online these days. It is always recommended to be wise and careful while doing any kind of online transactions.