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Chanel, a French fashion icon and a brand associated with all things chic and classy, marked by its remarkable double CC logo, is a brand that is globally recognized, acclaimed and loved. The house of Chanel offers many luxury products but it’s their luxury handbags that have made it into one of the leading houses in global luxury fashion today. Chanel handbags are coveted and yearend by fashionistas across the world. Its iconic 2.55 handbag is instantly recognizable. Since Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel as the creative director, the brand has grown in leaps and bounds. Its haute couture collections every fashion week leave an everlasting impression on fashion buffs.


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The founder, Gabriel Coco Chanel, was a woman of power.  Coming from a humble background she established herself as one of the most iconic and established businesswoman in the world. She devoted her life to her brand and has never disappointed fashionistas since. She started her fashion journey by designing hats for her wealthy friends while in Paris and in 1910 she set up her first establishment ‘Chanel Modes’, a hat shop. It was in 1918 that she moved to the world of couture fashion and set up the first Coco Chanel in Paris. The evergreen and timeless ‘Chanel Flap Bag’ was introduced in the 1920’s and in 1921 the Chanel No. 5 was introduced and in 1926 the ‘Little Black Dress’ made its way into the world of fashion and reigned forever! 1955 was when the 2.55 bag with its signature look took over the world of luxury handbags… and the rest is all history that is celebrated till date!


The history and story of Chanel are as intriguing as its exquisite products. Every product, year after year, sets new trends that sweep fashion enthusiasts off the floor! Every woman, all across the world, dreams to own at least one piece of Chanel luxury handbag. But there’s a problem, a big one in fact- the price one has to pay for it! It comes as no surprise that a brand as huge as Chanel also demands a price that is equally huge! It’s beyond the reach for most and remains something only the wealthy can afford. But is that so?


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