Wardrobe Essentials: The Black Fit and Flare Dress

Some things never seem to go out of fashion – and one of those things is the classic black fit and flare dress. This is a versatile piece that should have a place in any wardrobe, and it’s a piece of go-to fashion that never fails to flatter, no matter what your body shape is.

Versatility From The Day To The Evening

One of the best things about the black fit and flare dress is the versatility that it offers. This is a dress that can be worn with flat shoes during the day and then easily be dressed up with heels and jewellery in the evening, making it the perfect option for a whole manner of different occasions. Whether you’re wearing it for an evening out or simply to go shopping, a fit and flare dress can become one of the most worn items in your wardrobe.

Flattering Style

A stylish fit and flare dress is a sure fire way to flatter your figure. The fitting of the dress creates a slimming effect, whilst the flare adds feminine allure in abundance. If you want to look stylish and create a lasting impression, this type of dress is a winner on both counts.

Stay Looking Stylish For Years To Come

Fashion trends come and go, however classic styles like the black fit and flare dress never seem to go out of fashion. This is a style that looks great today and will look equally as good in five years time.

Perfect For The Summer

A fit and flare dress is a summery style that has the added bonus of helping you stay cool. Pair it up with some stylish heels and a classy handbag for the evening, or wear it with flat shoes for a stylish look all day long.

The Perfect Black Fit and Flare Dress

You’ll find a wide choice of fit and flare dresses available in the shops. For maximum versatility you should choose a dress with a straight neckline and one that isn’t too short in length. By selecting a piece like this you’ll have a versatile dress that can be worn for almost any occasion. It’ll look extremely feminine and flattering to your figure, without being too revealing.

Black Fit and Flare Dress From S Dress

One dress that seems to be the perfect solution is the Danielle dress from UK label S Dress. This stylish dress is designed to give the ultimate figure, whilst also remaining versatile and being extremely comfortable to wear. Like all S Dress products it is extremely practical, with a machine washable, no-iron fabric that means it is a breeze to keep it looking like new. The fabric is also breathable and extremely comfortable on the skin, whilst the high quality means that this is a dress that will last you for a very long time. If black isn’t quite your colour then it’s good to know that it’s also available in red, ivory and sky.

Black Fit and Flare Dress