Ways to go from work to casual dressing in 5 minutes

When you are just about to leave for the day, your boss wants you to attend an important corporate party.  You hardly have much time left on you to dress or think much. Well, then keep your thoughts at bay and follow simple ways to go from work to casual in no more than five minutes:

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 Always keep the pearly whites handy

Pearls are evergreen and look nice on each lady and outfit, be it Indian or western. Pearls complete the look and feel of anything you are wearing, right from a plain black dress into a dreamy bridal gown. Pearls look nice on each lady no matter what they’re wearing. Moreover they have been in trend from many generations and have played a vital role in women’s fashion.  Care and maintenance can guarantee it a long shelf life.

Whether the pearls you possess are natural or cultured ones there are several ways to preserve your pearl jewellery. With caution and maintenance, they’re certain to last for many generations. Shop online for the exquisite varieties in store!

Distinctive style at its best

It could be a dress, a skirt or pants with unique or unusual design such as edged cutting, colour or fabric combination. You can be sure to get noticed among the entire women’s clothing. It will always cause you to be the focus point. You can go junky with necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings. Don’t overdo your hair style. Keep it wavy and flowing. Keep a selection of cosmetics handy for the occasion as they are the next big thing that comes under the radar. Chic clothing is well-defined with mild fragrances. Go gentle with a mild fragrance.

For the women with a fuller figure

Have lots of fun with bold, bright accessories. An over-sized clutch or roomy shoulder bag will do you good to store all of your essentials. Women with heavy breasts and bulky waistline and high bust line must be extremely careful and opt for the right shirts, tops as well as other piece of inner clothing for the top portion. V-necks is the most suitable neckline for the women with heavier breasts, the wear when teemed with a trendy jacket will help conceal the heavy breast and tone down the waist area thereby causing them to look slightly thinner. A-line dresses that actually proportionate a women’s figure is sure to add a pleasing appearance.


Think smart- Shop at stores specially catering to oversized clothing.
Shopping at overstock stores will make your search worthwhile and help you the latest stock available for your oversized body. Most of the time, it is possible to acquire the beautiful and stylish clothes for a relatively good deal.