Wedding Decisions Made Simple With New App Pollpic

Brides-to-Be might think the biggest decision was agreeing to the proposal. But many hours of deliberation over floral decorations, tablecloths, music and favours are yet to follow.

New app Pollpic offers a quick solution to all that. Created to allow the user to get opinions instantly by creating an image based poll: simply snap the choices on your smartphone and share the poll with the decision-makers – then get the results in real time.


Bridesmaids who can’t all be present at the same shopping trip can view a choice of dresses via the Pollpic app and simply swipe their preferred choice. If they themselves need the opinion of others, Pollpic polls can be seamlessly shared with friends via the app, Facebook or Twitter – or with the internet at large as a public poll.

Grooms who need to visualise napkin colours before making a choice can swipe a Pollpic poll in seconds (and compare their selected to that of the caterer and the respective mother-in-laws too!)

And Pollpic is a simple way to share a variety of menu options with guests too. They can view the delectable duck dish and compare it with the chicken or the beef in a matter of clicks. No more forgetting to return the ticked card.

The Pollpic app came about when its founder Ranjet Chohan tired of his wife constantly sending him changing room selfies (or ‘chelfies’) when she couldn’t decide which dress to buy.  ‘She was always sending me changing room selfies of different clothes asking me which one I liked but she was also sending the same photos to several of her best friends,’ Ranjet explains ‘,And me being pressed for time (impatient) I wanted a better way to respond like swiping the image to show if I liked it. But I also secretly wanted to know what her friends thought so I could see how bad my taste in clothes really is…’


Since its launch, Pollpic has proven popular not just with indecisive shoppers and engaged couples, but also with fashion brands (House of Holland and Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label were early adopters) and also with celebs.

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