What Your Bag Says About You

Your bag is a big part of your look – perhaps a bigger part than you quite realise. Your choice of bag can sometimes reflect aspects of yourself – and at other times it will seem to reflect aspects of your personality by sending out a message to those who see it.

Hand-held Bags

We have a tendency to call a whole family of bags “handbags,” but one of the most timeless styles is the “true” handbag – that is to say bags that are actually handheld. So what kind of image does carrying one project? For one thing, it rarely fails to make you look stylish. Looking a bit deeper, it suggests you are willing to sacrifice some functionality in order to look good, by choosing a bag that will occupy your hands over one that would leave them free. The more securely and consciously you hold onto the bag, the more it suggests that you are aware of your surroundings and of your own actions.


Shoulder and Cross-Body Bags

Shoulder bags and crossbody bags are no less stylish than a “true” handbag and, depending on the design, can be no less timeless. From a practical point of view, however, the big and obvious difference is that they are not strictly handbags because they leave your hands free, and this significantly changes the message that this kind of bag sends out for onlookers. It shows that you are somebody who is not just stylish but also practical, with a tendency to balance these two sides to yourself equally. You are a non-nonsense person who gets things done and quite likely a multitasker, which is why you need the use of both your hands while carrying your bag and choose a style which you can carry passively while focussing on other things.

Clutch Bags

If there is anything that makes you look even more stylish than a well-chosen hand- or shoulder bag, it is a clutch bag. Carrying one of these at a party, formal event, or other occasion you have dressed up for is essentially expected. Carrying it at any other time sends the message that you are somebody who is always at least a little bit dressed up. You might be a party-lover or just somebody who always likes to look their best and has a smart sense of style, but either way your fashion sense is a force to be reckoned with.


These big and spacious bags are deeply practical, and when people see you carrying one they get the message that you are practical too. There are few things you might end up carrying that you won’t be able to fit conveniently into your bag, and likewise there are few things the day could throw at you that you won’t be able to deal with. Furthermore, people will probably assume that you are carrying a fair bit in such a spacious bag already, further backing up the idea that you must be ready for anything.

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