Which Clothing Items Should You Buy for the Gym?

There are several different types of clothing which can be worn for working out in the gym. Firstly, there are items of clothing which are specifically designed for working out, and then there are other clothing items which are simply just comfortable enough to exercise in. If you’re trying to decide which types of clothing items you should buy to wear to the gym, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a wide range available – although it can become confusing. Much of what you’ll choose will depend on your own personal fashion sense, although there are other items when you’ll probably need for both practicality and comfort. We’ve put together a list of the different types of gym wear.



The first thing that you’ll need to think about buying when you start going to the gym is a decent pair of trainers or running shoes to work out in. Investing in a good pair of gym shoes is a must, as they protect and support your feet, minimising the chances of pain or even muscle and tendon damage. If you’re planning on doing a lot of cardiovascular activities such as treadmill running, it’s important that you buy a pair of well-fitted and supportive running shoes.


When going to the gym there are a variety of different types of shirts which you can buy. Sportspower Australia offer a range of shirts from tank tops to loose t-shirts, and it’s really down to your personal preference which one you choose. Tank tops and vests are preferred by men as they’re less likely to cause sweating, whilst ladies often go for t-shirts or even crop tops depending on the activity. You can also purchase shirts which are made from moisture-wicking material that helps to minimise sweating and discomfort when working out.



There are a range of different trousers and bottoms which you can wear to the gym. Shorts, tracksuit bottoms, leggings and capri shorts are all available, and again it is down to your own personal fashion sense and preference. Ladies tend to choose gym leggings or capri shorts, whereas guys often go for the looser options, such as cut-off tracksuit shorts or tracksuit bottoms. The type of trousers you choose also largely depends on the type of activity you’re going to do.


If you are planning on doing any outdoor exercise as well as in the gym, you will be wise to also consider purchasing gym outerwear. This includes hooded tops, tracksuit tops and waterproof coats, which can also be worn when travelling to and from the gym and during warm-up exercises. Those looking to lose weight also often choose to wear a hooded top when exercising as it encourages sweat, leading to faster weight loss. Making sure that outwear is loose fitting, comfortable and warm is important as in cooler climates, it’s important that warm clothing is worn when leaving the gym to prevent muscles from tightening up after a workout.

Don’t forget that there are also a range of gym accessories which you’ll need to buy depending on the activity you’re doing. From weight lifting gloves to sweat bands, make sure that you’re properly kitted out to get the most from your workout.