Why Screen Printed Products from R&P Prints Will Make Your Next Corporate Event Legendary

Corporate events are a universally appealing occasion. When exposed to a situation outside a typical workday, especially with a team­ building event or even a company dinner, the pre­-existing social bonds we share with one another set the framework for a positive experience for all in attendance. Because corporate events are such a positive experience, it remains pertinent to tie a tangible product to memory in order to maximize attachment to that event. The best solution? Screen printed products such as a t­-shirt or jersey that employees can take home.

printed t shirt

R&P Prints offers hundreds of screen-printed products to choose from, whether it’s a basic t-shirt or a mesh sports jersey for the company intramural team. Screen printed products are both cost-effective and entirely customizable ­ you can double up on your corporate event memento and use it as branding for your business. Screen-printed products like a t-shirt or a hoodie will usually get worn at least once per month for over 5 years on average; Think about how many impressions you’ll get from that single screen-printed product!

 Purchasing screen-printed products from R&P also ensures that your employees feel that their company cares for them enough to invest in a keepsake for a corporate event. The number one reason why employees change jobs is a disagreement with management, and things like a free t-shirt at a company picnic can rekindle that respect for management as they reflect the company’s investment in and care for their employees.

In addition to employees feeling respected by their company through tokens of appreciation like screen-printed products, one can also use screen-printed products to help instill company pride. A recent survey by Deloitte determined that an increasing number of professionals desire work with a purpose. Brands are increasingly important in today’s heavily connected world, so employees are more willing than ever to take pride in their place of work and sport a t-shirt with their company’s logo on it. You could even consider running a contest at work to reward an employee who creates the winning design chosen to be used on the screen printed products of choice.

printed t shirt 1

Employee engagement and satisfaction are key factors in employee performance at work. Tokens of appreciation are great ways to keep employees engaged and satisfied in their work. Plus. The competition for branding is fiercer than ever with the limited attention span that many consumers have. Screen printed products at your next corporate event have numerous benefits for both your employees in terms of morale and pride, and for your brand and company as a whole. R&P Prints is a leader in screen-printed products in terms of quality, selection, and price. Our range of customizable products will ensure that we have great options for all of your corporate events needs. Call us today at 1­877­646­5111 or email info@printscanada.com for a free quote to kick-start your next corporate event.