Your Body is Being Shaped by Your Shoes

The wind shapes trees, and our environment shapes us. But it doesn’t stop there. We are shaped by the things we have and own and more importantly, adorn. Our shoes form an integral aspect that forms our body. Our feet have been shaped from when we were toddlers. From the way we walk to the way we run; we influence the shape of our feet. It is also carried forward to the shoes we wear. A human foot consists of 26 different bones with tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles and all these different parts are affected when we stand, walk and run.

Having a healthy foot helps us walk better and perform more efficiently on an everyday basis when most of our jobs requiring footwork, be it field work or just work at home involving cooking, etc. wearing the proper footwear is one aspect of daily life that people often pay very little attention to. Wearing the right shoe ensures to maintain the balance of the body and overall body posture. Wearing the wrong shoes can provide bad body position and cause body pain. The basic anatomy of a shoe remains the same, regardless of the particular style of footwear.

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Women often say that mens shoes reflect their character. The friar wears sandals to profess his poverty and a discalced friar dispenses with them to show that he is poorer. The soldier and the cowboy fashion their boots like how the Beadle does his buckle. The factory worker’s shoes, like his life, are steel-toed. Meanwhile, the diver goes fishing in flippers, and the rider rides horses in boots. Shoes are not only useful but are an expression of personality, a choice of life, and a summary of purpose.

Shoes can be divided broadly into three categories. The first category includes the work shoes which are those which doesn’t involve walking on them all day generally. The second category involves those that fall into the comfortable category in which we can walk all day in whether it is indoor or outdoor. The final category includes those in which we can run a marathon in if we had to.

Walking shoes are stiffer and have less cushioning whereas running shoes are lightweight and flexible with more cushioning to absorb more shock. Aerobic shoes are lightweight with shock absorbance to prevent foot fatigue and to cushion the ball of the foot. Tennis shoes have flexible soles that protect your feet from the quick movements of the game. Thick-soled and high top basketball shoes provide extra protection against ankle and foot injuries caused due to jumping. Cross-training shoes are also available which are suitable if you perform some sport or exercise types in your workout.

Thus, it is important to choose the right set of shoes for women and men, which enhance the body in its experience with the right balance and perfect fit for a healthy pain-free life.